Historical background

It all started in 1978 when our founder, Mr Hoosen Ally took a decision to secure his family’s future by pursuing a career path that he was passionate about. He plotted a course that would alter each future of each family member forever. Thus, Ally’s Sand was born.

Ally’s Sand has, over the past 36+ years, seen phenomenal growth. Azam Ally started working and taking over the reins of his father’s company, Ally’s Sand, after completing his schooling career. As his confidence level and expertise grow, Ally’s Sand is fast becoming a force to reckon within the competitive market of the sand and stone supply industry. It incorporates a large cross-section of heavy duty vehicles which provide a highly streamlined and competitive service to the industry.

Starting off as a “one-man” operation in the late 70’s, with a simple ‘Bedford 381’, Ally’s Sand has grown into a sophisticated and integrated Empire of present. Ally’s Sand continues to progress in the Trucking Industry and is recognised as one of the major players in the Business.

Assuring you of our swift and efficient delivery service

“Assuring you of our swift and efficient delivery service”

Ally’s Sand strives to uphold the principles of “BATHO PELE” and “UBUNTU”, thus, ensuring that people who were previously disadvantaged are given the opportunity to grow and develop with us. Our focus rests on becoming a major role player in the plant and construction industry; so that we can, through job creation, contribute significantly towards social upliftment programs in our country and our neighbouring countries.We aim to be the most progressive trucking service provider in the country, and be seen as a company who progressively empowers previously disadvantaged individuals.

Our primary objective is to always ensure that our clients are satisfied with our performance standard. To achieve our objectives, we engage our staff, on a continuous base, in extensive skills and development training programs so that they have the acquired skills to accomplish the tasks on hand. We strongly subscribe to excellence in service delivery.

  • Procure work nationally and internationally more especially our neighbouring countries, so that job opportunities can be created.
  • To engage our workers in skills development programs so that they attain the required skill to sustain themselves for life.
  • To depart from a site/country after the completion of work with a knowledge that, the workers left behind, can seek alternate employment with the skills they have acquired from us.
  • To eradicate poverty and to make life worth living.
  • To set examples for other similar companies to follow.
  • Ally’s Sand prides itself with honesty and transparency
  • We offer professional and expert service
  • Our quality of work is of high standard.
  • We offer competitive pricing on projects
  • We are able to efficiently and effectively adapt to any developmental changes, that may occur whilst on site
  • No hidden costs and proven integrity
  • Have your own plant, machinery and trucks to expediently conduct our duties
  • Able to work as a team with a spirit of understanding and commitment.
  • To date Ally’s Sand has a proven track record of successful project accomplishments.
  • We are equipped with numerous plant and machinery and can diligently and expediently commence with operations in the fields of Truck and Plant Hire, Earthworks and Civil Construction.
  • Ally’s Sand has ownership of a sand source and has the capacity to tradeand supply the construction industry with plaster / river / building sand and stones.
  • We can also proficiently handle bulk works in the tipping industry.
  • Our plant, trucks and machinery includes Tip Trucks (3m, 6m, 10m, 20m 30m), End Tippers, Horse And Trailers (20m), Front End Loaders, 25Ton Dumpers, Screening Machine and Excavators
  • We have dedicated and well trained staff to complement our plant and machinery.
  • Our policy is to strive to complete our tasks within the time frames allocated to us, without compromising on the quality of our workmanship.
  • We are proud of such accomplishments achieved with true support from staff and management working as a team.
  • We take pride and care in both our material and human resources.